Yorkshire Terrier Badge Reel ID Holder, Planner PaperClip, Switchable Lanyard Retractable Badge, Magnet, Dog Pin, Interchangeable Vinyl 3092

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Badge Reel ID Holder, Lanyard, Planner Paper Clip, Magnet, Pin, Bookmark, Bag Charm, Key Ring, Hair Clip, Headband, Planner Band, Christmas Ornament

Show your personality and style with a beautiful embroidered design made into one of our many product options.  Badge reels are perfect for hospital staff, nurses, doctors, teachers, students, professionals, office workers, dentists or anyone that works in a secured building.  Planner clips, magnets and pins make great inexpensive unique gifts for friends, teachers and colleagues. 
 **All product options are sold individually. Photos showing different product variations are for sample purposes only. The product option choice selected when adding your purchase to the cart is the only product option you will receive.  Please see photos for details.

Made with thread, felt and/or vinyl.
Designs with vinyl tops will have the word vinyl at the end of the title before the inventory number.
✿ Appliqués range from approximately 1" to 2 1/2"

Product Options available:

SWITCHABLE TOP ONLY - This option is used for our interchangeable design system. Soft Velcro brand loop is on the back. This option does not include a reel.

✿ Designer Base Options and Upgraded reels can be found here -  https://www.thebadgepatch.com/catalog/badge-reel-bases

Reels purchased from us use a unique combination of Velcro loop(on felts and vinyl) and 3M Dual Lock on the reel for a nice secure hold. 

BADGE REELS - The retractable badge reels are offered in three styles. Belt Clip reels have a fixed clip which slides over your clothing at the neck line, the edge of a pocket, or over a belt.  Swivel Clip reels have a 360 swivel pinch clip and can be attached to any part of your clothing. Pinch Clip reels have a non-swivel alligator pinch clip and can also be attached to any part of your clothing. Each badge features a clear round casing and clear vinyl strap with snap attachment.  The reel diameters are 1 1/4" (31.75mm) and have a retractable cord length of 34" (863.6mm).

LANYARDS- Our Lanyard/Reel combos are available in either black or white.  The reels are retractable just like the badge reels only these are worn around your neck.  The connector on the lanyard is made to come apart if the lanyard gets caught or pulled by a patient and can easily be snapped back together. The lanyards have a 36" (914.4mm) circumference and a retractable cord length of 34" (863.6mm).  The lanyard no-reel option is made of micro weave polyester with a wide no twist plastic hook and also features a breakaway clasp and can not be made interchangeable.


PAPERCLIPS - Choose from a gold or silver finish in the jumbo ≈ 1.75” size to use it as a bookmark for cookbooks, daily planners, organizers, filofax, school books, agenda books, and calendars or even to hold your money and bills.  The Giant paperclip is 3.5” and available in silver.

FRIDGE MAGNET - A magnet for your refrigerator, cubicle or any magnetic surface. One inch magnets will be used on all felts unless the felt is too small to hide the whole magnet.  In this case small 1/2" magnets will be used.  Please note: our badge reels are not magnetic.

CHARMS & KEY RINGS - The Planner Charm features a lobster clasp hook to attach to binder strings or spiral spines. The Bag Charm is created with a more industrial strength clasp and is great for attaching to purses or lunch boxes.   The Key Ring is a 25mm ring and works great as a zipper pull or to add decoration to keys or backpacks.

RIBBON BOOKMARK - Matching 8" Ribbon - Choose your own ribbon or let me match it for you.  
If you are choosing your own ribbon, please include the choice in the notes to seller box at checkout. If there is no note on the order, I will pick the best solid matching color.

PIN & HAIR CLIPS - A 1" (25.4mm) nickel free bar pin will brighten up your shirts and jackets. Pins may be placed vertical if necessary to fit on the felt.   Our Alligator Hair Clips will be partially lined with free extra grip attached.  You may choose your own ribbon by visiting the link above.  Please enter the ribbon choice in the notes to seller box at checkout. If there is no note on the order, I will pick the best solid matching color.

STRETCH BANDS – These bands work both as planner bands and headbands.  They stretch from 3.5” to 13.5”.  As a planner band they can fit any size book in that range and work as bookmarks or bands to keep a book closed.   As a headband they are super soft and comfortable fitting heads from newborns to adults.   They are available in tan, white and black. 

CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS - The design tops make super cute Christmas Ornaments. Most of our designs range in size from 1.5” – 2.25” and look super sweet on the tops of larger trees or anywhere on smaller trees.  You may choose your own ribbon by visiting the link above.  Please enter the ribbon choice in the notes to seller box at checkout. If there is no note on the order, I will pick the best solid matching color.

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/!\ WARNING CHOKING HAZARD- This is not a toy.
Not recommended for children under 6. Adult supervision required.
Breakaway performance will vary and lanyards will not break away under all conditions. The male/female part pull force specification for flat standard breakaways is 4-10 lb. under test conditions per M-3-QA-0167. A full description of the M-3-QA-0167 test procedure can be provided upon request. Not recommended for use around moving objects or playgrounds. Customers should test the breakaway feature suitability for their use and environment.