Peacock Badge Reel, Personalized Retractable ID Holder, Lanyard, Badge Pull, Card Holder, Carabiner, Stethoscope Tag, The Badge Patch, Mylar


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Badge Reel ID Holder, Lanyard, Carabiner, Stethoscope Tag, Brooch Pin, Zipper Pull, Key Ring, Magnet, Bookmark

✿ BADGE REEL - The retractable badge reels are offered in three styles. Belt Clip reels have a fixed clip which slides over your clothing at the neck line, the edge of a pocket, or over a belt. Swivel Clip reels have a 360 swivel pinch clip and can be attached to any part of your clothing. Pinch Clip reels have a non-swivel alligator pinch clip and can also be attached to any part of your clothing. Each badge features a clear round casing and clear vinyl strap with snap attachment. The reel diameters are 1 1/4" (31.75mm) and have a retractable cord length of 34" (863.6mm).

✿ LANYARD- Our Lanyard/Reel combos are available in either black or white. The reels are retractable just like the badge reels only these are worn around your neck. The connector on the lanyard is made to come apart if the lanyard gets caught or pulled by a patient and can easily be snapped back together. The lanyards have a 36" (914.4mm) circumference and a retractable cord length of 34" (863.6mm). The lanyard no-reel option is made of micro weave polyester with a wide no twist plastic hook and also features a breakaway clasp.

✿ BLACK CARABINER – The Carabiner is a no twist badge reel which easily attaches to a belt loop, purse handle or backpack loop. It has a retractable cord length of 36 inches and a reel diameter of 1 ¼ inches. This carabiner does not have a belt clip on the back.

✿ STETHOSCOPE TAG – The stethoscope tags are available in clear or black and snap onto the tubing of your stethoscope. They are difficult to remove once placed and do not fit stethoscopes with fatter tubing such as the Littmann. Only the large size image choice will cover the whole top of the tag.

✿ STETHOSCOPE YOKE TAG – These stethoscope tags fit all stethoscopes that have a yoke including Littmann. Included with your purchase are two name plates that can be adhered to the back of the tag, one that can be written on and the other engraved. We do not offer engraving as a service.

✿ Top Only w/ Dual Lock - This option is used for our interchangeable design system. This option does not include a reel. 3M Dual Lock is used for a nice secure hold. See a video demonstration here -

✿ BROOCH PIN - Pins are available in both 1.5” and 1.25” sizes.

✿ ZIPPER PULL - Zipper Pulls are only available in 1.25” size and are super cute to attach to backpacks, purses, sweatshirts, jackets and luggage.

✿ KEY RING - Key ring images are 1.5” size and are a great inexpensive gift.

✿ FRIDGE MAGNET - Dress up your refrigerator, cubicle or any other magnetic surface. Magnets are 1.5” in size.

✿ BOOKMARK PAPER CLIP - These large 3.5" giant paper clips make great bookmarks and are popular with planners. All 4 sizes are available.

Please note: the smaller the image the smaller the details and fonts. Long names on small images will be really small. Every Product is not available in all sizes. Choose your product type in the first drop down option box and the available options for that product will show up in the second drop down box.

Image Size Option: Switchable – tops will be made interchangeable/Permanent tops will not be removable
1”/Bottle Cap – 1 inch image size centered in a flattened bottle cap
1”/Rhinestone – 1 inch image size centered in a ring of rhinestones

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/!\ WARNING CHOKING HAZARD- This is not a toy.
Not recommended for children under 6. Adult supervision required.
Breakaway performance will vary and lanyards will not break away under all conditions. The male/female part pull force specification for flat standard breakaways is 4-10 lb. under test conditions per M-3-QA-0167. A full description of the M-3-QA-0167 test procedure can be provided upon request. Not recommended for use around moving objects or playgrounds. Customers should test the breakaway feature suitability for their use and environment.